Ladies and Gentlemen:
Welcome to Tianjin Concert Hall, in order to provide you and all guests an elegant atmosphere of art, please help us make the following points:

1.    Please dress neatly and enter the theatre orderly with valid tickets. Slippers and waists are not permitted.

2.    Do not leave food, drinks, chewing gum into the audience hall

3.    Children under 1.2m in height are not allowed into the auditorium,and those at or above 1.2m in height are required to bear tickets,except for performances specially arranged for children.

4.    No photography/videotaping or recording is allowed in the auditorium without permission.

5.    Kindly switch off mobile phones and other communication devices or set them at the quiet mode during performance.

6.    Please take care of your children and keep them from romping in the hall so as to avoid tumbling.

7.    Please keep quiet in the theatre.

8.    Please don’t ambulate around during the show.

9.    For audiences of latecomers, please wait by the gate until the interval, and then enter the audience hall and seat yourselves nearby with the guidance of the staffs.

10. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the auditorium.Please evacuate at the staff’s direction in case of emergency.

11.During the halftime break, please pick up the deputy from the theatre attendant at the entrance for re-admission.

Thank you for your kind co-operation, and wish you have a good time.

Ornamental etiquette of symphony concert

1. The symphony concert has an unwritten process. In the first half, a prelude is arranged as the opening, then a concerto, and in the second half, a symphony. As long as the concert begins, all the doors of import and export will be closed until the prelude is finished, and then the entrance will be opened again after the concerto has finished the halftime break. If you are late, please wait at the door. This is respect for those musicians and performers who are not late.
2. Each Symphony has several movements. In order to maintain the integrity of the work, please don't clap between the movements and keep quiet.
3. The conductor's hands drop completely, the violinist's bow leaves the strings, both hands fall naturally at the same time, and the pianist's hands leave the keyboard completely, are all signals of applause.
4. Even concerts designed for children are not as serious as concerts in general. Children should know beforehand that concert halls, unlike cinemas, cannot make noise and eat. During the break, talk to the children about their appreciation and let them learn to express their experience.
5. After the concert, you still have a period of aftertaste, so applause three or five seconds after the end of the concert is the highest level. If the conductor needs the audience to applaud and create an atmosphere in the music, he will turn around and beat the time to you. At this time, you need to keep pace and strive to become a part of the concert.

Art Popularization Lecture Etiquette

Please be seated 20 minutes in advance and turn your mobile phone to silent. Please don't talk to each other, make a noise and walk around at will. This is the respect of the speaker and other audiences. Interactive questioning sessions should be thematic and brief, providing valuable opportunities for other audiences.