Confucian Xi Chorus

Tianjin Concert Hall, as the cultural card of Tianjin city, is responsible for promoting and popularizing elegant music and enriching the cultural life of Tianjin people. The purpose of setting up Ruxi Children's Chorus in Tianjin Concert Hall is to improve the level of children's chorus in Tianjin and provide professional training and performance opportunities for children who like chorus. Ruxi Children's Choir is a resident hall Choir affiliated to Tianjin Concert Hall. The Choir performs annually in the concert hall. It also has the opportunity to cooperate with famous musicians at home and abroad to listen closely to the performance of the master's group and feel the charm of the live concert.

The Juxi Children's Choir of Tianjin Concert Hall fully embodies the concept of combining participation with profession. Children aged 4 to 12 can register for training. Those who have the ability of sight singing, playing musical instruments or have participated in the choir are preferred. After training, formal and reserve members are selected through selection.

In the choir, children will be trained in professional music and performance quality, and their artistic potential will be stimulated. In the practice of performing on stage, children will be trained to express themselves, enhance their self-confidence, stimulate their enthusiasm for learning, develop their creativity and spirit of cooperation. It can also train children to love life, music, positive and optimistic quality and innovative thinking and ability.