Ruxi Art Gallery

Tianjin Concert Hall was officially operated by Tianjin Shengfeng Culture 

Communication Co., Ltd. in April, 2017. This company will build a cultural card of Tianjin, take popularize classical music and enrich cultural life of citizens in this city as their duty. Meanwhile, it will strengthen its social responsibility, improve its reception services and make arrangements for cultural activities.

The rehearsal room at the first floor of Tianjin Concert Hall covers more than 200 square meters, providing 170 seats for the audience. This company has raised its own fund to alter the room, as it purchased stage, audio, lighting, LED screen and other facilities on the basis of the fundamental ones. This rehearsal room has been named as “Ruxi Art Gallery”, opening the door to the public. Ruxi Art Gallery holds a lecture on culture and arts at 2pm every Saturday. The audience can participate in the lectures by telephone reservation or free ticket collection. A chamber music will be performed every weekend evening, and concert -guided tours, movie salon, verse club, reader’s seminar as well as other cultural activities will be organized at irregular intervals. 

It is a recommended place for enterprises and public institutions to host various conferences including annual dinner, cocktail party, news conference, return banquet and appraisal event in Ruxi Art Gallery. In addition, this gallery can customize a personal concert, high-end private party, music-themed wedding and so on.

Telephone for lecture-reservation: 23320068 

Telephone for business consultation: 23392283