Tianjin Concert Hall is located at the junction of Nanjing Road and Jianjian Road in Xiaobailou, Heping District. Founded in 1922, formerly known as Ping'an Cinema, it was renamed Tianjin Concert Hall in 1956. It is the first concert hall in China. In 1985, the concert hall was reconstructed and the original stage was expanded to accommodate a large Symphony Orchestra of 100 people. In 2005, the concert hall was demolished and rebuilt at its original site due to the construction of the subway.

The new Tianjin Concert Hall reopened on August 28, 2009, and became a cultural landmark building in Tianjin with its brand-new appearance. Tianjin Concert Hall is designed by French design master and President of European Architectural Association Regni. The plane is a ship. The main building is white European-style architecture with beautiful appearance and magnificent momentum. The tower is inlaid with golden dome. The unique dome and beautiful partial carvings show the infinite charm of the music hall. For the "Golden Hall" of Tianjin. The sound effect of Tianjin Concert Hall is designed according to the principle of sound wave. The sound effect is excellent. It can be regarded as the first-class in the world. The band can make the audience hear clear and beautiful music without amplifying equipment. At the same time, Tianjin Concert Hall has attracted many music groups and artists at home and abroad, including China Philharmonic Orchestra, Asian Youth Symphony Orchestra, China National Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Youth Symphony Orchestra, China National Orchestra, Italian Scara Theatre Philharmonic Orchestra, Tianjin Symphony Orchestra and Tianjin. The famous artists Li Delun, Chen Bingyang, Hu Bingxu, Bian Zushan, Cao Peng, Tang Muhai, Yu Long, Zhu Hui, Sheng China, Yin Chengzong, Zhou Guangren, Bao Huiqiao, Wang Yujia and Lang Lang all dedicated their best performances to the audience in Tianjin on this stage.

Tianjin Concert Hall has 624 seats and 8 boxes, a total of 650 seats, 20 meters wide and 14 meters deep, with lifting stage, Steinway piano, electronic organ, linear array sound, multi-colored lights, and can accommodate 120 people's Orchestra performance. It can also perform various forms of art such as modern music, drama, magic and so on.

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